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Developing .NET Enterprise Applications

Developing .NET Enterprise Applications – John Kanalakis – Google Books

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT IS USUALLY faced with several critical factors: time to market, ever-increasing quality, and cost of development. Time to market is critical in that any project that an individual or company may have in mind is probably already in the works elsewhere. When that is the case, everything comes down to being the first to deliver . . . even if it falls short. A Gartner Research study showed that competing products offering similar features will take the most mar ket share if released sooner. The study further added that the product released first, even with fewer features, typically builds market share faster. The lesson of that study is that it is important to release a 1. 0 version of a new product concept as quickly as possible and then follow up with feature add-ons over time. Product consistency and quality are also critical to the success of products making their debut. Applications with modules that look differently can under mine the application user’s confidence in the product. The lower their confidence in the application, the less they use the product and come to depend upon it. The same can be said at the code level. The more modules that are implemented con sistently, the easier different developers can step in to investigate and resolve problems. Cost of development is often measured by productivity, or how much code is created to accomplish specific application tasks.

The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Mobile Profits: Make …

The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Mobile Profits: Make money anytime … – Matt T. Jones – Google Books

Mobile commerce opportunities are everywhere people go, 24/7. And PayPal is in the forefront of harnessing those opportunities, offering mobile businesses faster, easier, safer, and more positive customer checkout experiences. PayPal’s mobile checkout tools support profitable websites and apps on all of today’s smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. This book shows how you can implement these tools to more effectively capture this vast new revenue stream. You’ll learn how to partner with PayPal to: Maximize payment opportunities in the open mobile marketplace Apply mobile website and app building best practices Integrate PayPal Mobile express checkout and payment software systems Master mobile consumer shopping behavior, technology, and payment trends Profit with custom, efficient PayPal Mobile payment options for your business This expert, easy-to-follow advice–straight from those who design and build PayPal Mobile–is your direct link to effective mobile payments and business success.

JQuery Mobile Cookbook – Google Books-Ergebnisseite

JQuery Mobile Cookbook – Chetan K. Jain – Google Books

This book is written in Cookbook style with a lot of practical tips, code, and step-by-step examples, to ease and quicken your learning curve. If you are a beginner with jQuery/JavaScript skills, this book offers you numerous examples to get you started. If you are a seasoned developer, this book lets you explore jQuery Mobile in greater depth.

Log in – T-Mobile Account

My T-Mobile Login – Pay Bills Online & Manage Your T-Mobile Account

Log in to manage your T-Mobile account. View or pay your bill, check usage, change plans or add-ons, add a person, manage devices, data, and Internet, and get help.

Formal Methods for Mobile Computing: 5th International …

Formal Methods for Mobile Computing: 5th International School on Formal … – Google Books

Thisvolumecollectsasetofpapersaccompanyingthelecturesofthe?fthedition of the International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems (SFM). Thisseriesofschoolsaddressestheuseofformalmethodsincomputerscience asaprominentapproachtotherigorousdesignofcomputer, communication and software systems. The main aim of the SFM series is to o?er a good spectrum of current research in foundations as well as applications of formal methods, which can be of help for graduate students and young researchers who intend to approach the ?eld. SFM 2005 (Moby) was devoted to formal methods and tools for the design of mobile systems and mobile communication infrastructures. This volume is organized into four parts related to mobile computing, which cover models and languages, scalability and performance, dynamic power management, and m- dleware support. Each part is composed of two papers. The opening paper by Montanari and Pistore gives an overview of histo- dependent automata, an extension of ordinary automata that overcomes their limitations in dealing with named calculi. In particular, the authors show that history-dependent automata allow for a compact representation of?-calculus processes, which is suitable both for theoretical investigations and for the v- i?cation of models of agents and code mobility. Bettini and De Nicola’s – per presents X-Klaim, an experimental programming language speci?cally – signed to develop distributed systems composed of several components intera- ing through multiple distributed tuple spaces and mobile code. Through a series of examples, the authors show that many mobile code programming paradigms can be naturally implemented by means of the considered language, which c- bines explicit localities as ?rst-class data with coordination primitives.

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